Quiz: How childish are your food opinions really?

Is your diet purely chicken nuggets?

There’s usually at least one person in every friendship group who is the designated fussy eater. They order off the children’s menu, occasionally bring their own food to a dinner and will slather everything in ketchup. At uni they eat the same frozen food or pasta on repeat and essentially all their food opinions are incredibly childish.

Their palate extends to only beige foods and don’t think about putting vegetables near them. They’ve been this way forever and there’s just no changing them. But is this you? Or are you a grown up? Do you eat whatever you’re given, try new foods and have no trouble ordering in a restaurant? Well then you’ll an adult.

Everyone has foods they don’t like, dishes they won’t try but on the whole most people are up for new food experiences, but just how childish are your food opinions? Take this quiz to find out.

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