Quiz: Which era of Miley Cyrus are you, really?

Midnight Sky era rules them all and you know it

Miley Cyrus has been a living breathing icon for over a decade now. The breakthrough icon of 2006, Hannah Montana, first graced our lives with her double-life Disney show and would spend the next 14 years transforming into different forms of the icon that is, Miley Cyrus.

There has been eight forms of the entity that is Miley Cyrus: From the khol eyeliner and black feathers Can’t Be Tamed Miley, to the ultimate Cottagecore queen on the beach of Malibu, to the most recent and, arguably, most iconic form of Midnight Sky Miley.

But, which era of Miley Cyrus are you, really? Are you totally innocent pop princess Hannah Montana? Or, uncontrollable tongue out Bangerz? Do you prefer a chill vibe over a house party? How would you describe your style? Did you know that your degree says a lot about what Miley vibe you really fit into?

Don’t lose sleep over it, take the quiz below to find out which Miley Cyrus era you really are.

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