Inside the real life love lives of all the staff who appear on First Dates

Merlin met his partner at a cocktail making competition, naturally


First Dates is officially one of the most successful dating shows for actually finding people love. So, considering it’s their literal jobs to assist in matching people and finding their life-long partners, you’d think the staff on First Dates would be pretty good at the art of dating themselves.

And by the looks of it, they really are. Most of the cast are loved up with long-term partners, some have children on the way, and others are bursting over their new and lovely relationships.

Here’s everything we know about the real life partners and love lives of all the staff who appear on First Dates. Try not to get too jealous.

Fred Sirieix

Relationship status: Engaged

Fred Sirieix, Fiancee, First Dates, staff, Channel 4

via Instagram @fred_sirieix

Fred Sirieix is the face of First Dates, and arguably the show would be nothing without him as the fun maître d’ of the restaurant. Off screen, he keeps his love life a little more private – and has never publicly named his current partner.

Fred has two children, Andrea and Lucien, with his ex-partner, Andrea, who he was with for 12 years, but the couple never married. He confirmed that he had found love again in 2018, posting a photo on Instagram of him with his new partner, who he refers to as “Fruitcake”. In March 2020 he announced they were engaged.

Merlin Griffiths

Relationship status: In a relationship

Merlin Griffiths, First Dates, staff, Channel 4, real life, partners, cast, love life

via Instagram @merlinfdc4

Cocktail mixologist Merlin is another member of the First Dates cast who is happily loved up. He met his partner, Lucile, over a decade ago at a cocktail making competition in Canada. The couple now have one child together, and run a business. In 2010, they took over The Priory Tavern bar and restaurant in north-west London.

Laura Tott

Relationship status: Married

Laura started as a waitress on the show when it began, but in the most recent series in Manchester was not featured in the cast. Aside from the show, Laura works as a paramedic, and not much has been reported about her love life. She’s always kept the identity of her other half a mystery, other than saying that she is “loved-up” with her “hunky boyfriend.”

Announcing their marriage in August 2022, Laura said: “Mr & Mrs Clarke. 07.08.22 There is so much I want to write, and so many people I want to thank for the best day of our life, but for now it’s honeymoon time & our time to fully unwind. Thanks for every single gorgeous message so far.”

Cici Coleman

Relationship status: In a relationship

Cici Coleman, First Dates, staff, Channel 4, real life, partners, cast, Instagram

via Instagram @cici_coleman_

Waitress Cici Coleman has recently revealed she too is happily in a relationship. Talking to Pete Wicks on FUBAR Radio, she said she started a new relationship in October last year. She said: “I’ve dated absolute arseholes and then there’s been some lovely ones, but I have learned lessons from each one of them.”

She then went on to say she is “amazed” by how good her new relationship is, adding: “I don’t mean he’s perfect, because nobody is perfect, but what he’s shown me so far is incredible foundations for something beautiful in the future.”

Cici was previously in a relationship in 2018, which ended. She then said she took to dating apps, and ended up beong banned from Hinge. She later got her profile back, and has hinted that this might have been where she met her current boyfriend.

Austin Ventour

Relationship status: Engaged

via Instagram @austinventour

Waiter Austin Ventour’s fianceé is makeup artist Katie Moore, and the couple have one child together. He announced they had got engaged at the start of 2020 and the couple have been together for nearly six years.

Grant Urquhart

Relationship status: In a relationship

Grant Urquhart, girlfriend

via Instagram @granturquhart

Grant, who joined First Dates as a waiter in series 10, is from York and in an interview with Virgin Media said last year he celebrated his three-year anniversary with his girlfriend. By the looks of his Instagram she’s called Natalie McQueen, and he shares quite a lot of pictures of them together. They’ve been travelling a lot, and he shares photos of them both from all over the world.

Francesco Ciccarelli

Relationship status: Maybe in a relationship

Francesco Ciccarelli, First Dates, waiter

via Channel 4

Francesco Ciccarelli joined the show in 2018, and people were instantly taken aback by how good looking he is. He’s Italian, and when he joined the show Fred Sirieix said: “Francesco was a very good looking guy. Very, very good looking guy. Laura [Tott] was drooling!”

Unlucky though, because it looks like he could be in a relationship. He posted a pretty loved-up photo with a mystery woman on Instagram recently, and in the comments people have called her a “lucky woman”. Nothing is confirmed though!

David Marc

Relationship status: Single

David Marc

via Instagram @davidmarcsuk

David Marc joined First Dates for the latest season. He is openly gay, and according to reports is single at the moment. David previously worked as a host for The Ivy in London and studied fashion design at University.

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