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Ok babe, it’s time to find out which iconic British TV hun you are with this quiz

Obvs I’m Katie Price x

Britain may not be good for a lot of things, but the one thing this silly little island does well is create iconic TV huns. Where would we be without the goddesses that are Katie Price, Alison Hammond, Gemma Collins, Natalie Cassidy, Nigella Lawson and Shirley Carter?

They occupy a unique place in British culture. They’re independent, down to earth but also glamorous and wild. They’re the person you’d want on every night out as well as the next morning when you’re nursing a cuppa and digging into a Maccies from bed.

These British TV huns are all different and legendary in their own right. Nigella is a posh hun, Shirley is a chaotic hun and the GC is an all round legendary hun. But which one are you most like? We’ve designed a quiz to find just that out.

You’ll be asked the essential questions such as your favourite Greggs order and your go to night out drink to determine if you’re more Natalie Cassidy or Alison Hammond.

In truth there is no bad answer because they’re all iconic and we should be forever grateful for their services to British culture.

To find out which British TV hun you are, take this quiz:

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