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Hear me out, but Jedward’s is the best account on Twitter right now and here’s why

They’re the political activists I didn’t know I needed

Look I never expected to be writing this but it has to be said – Jedward’s Twitter account is the only account worth following. Yes I am indeed talking about the blonde Irish twins who appeared on X Factor in 2009 and now only seem to exist in the Twitter sphere.

In 2021 no one thought many X Factor finalists would still have any cultural relevance, they can’t all be Harry Styles after all. And yet Jedward have managed to escape their singing competition past, and somehow become activists? I don’t understand it, but I’m here for it.

If it wasn’t for them and the fact I need to go on Twitter as part of my job, I would have quit the app a long time ago. They don’t get bugged down in all the hate and petty arguments, they simply tweet to call people out, share the truth we’re all thinking and then get on with their days.

And it turns out I’m not alone in my admiration for them. The last few days people on Twitter have been sharing all the love for Jedward after they’ve been sharing a number of supportive tweets over the last week.

They’re quite simply the best, and for the time being are the only men I trust. This is every reason you should be following Jedward on Twitter:

1. They provide reliable and up to date traffic reporting

2. They call out homophobia

3. They tweeted this to Piers Morgan

4. They corrected Davina and reminded her about the biggest crimes against women

5. This….

6. Couldn’t agree more

7. They called out Sharon Osborne for her support of Piers Morgan

8. They wouldn’t go on Good Morning Britain because of their principles

9. They are actually quite funny

10. They’re essentially free relationship therapists

11. They know who the true queen is

12. They corrected Laura Kuenssberg on what a ‘scuffle’ actually is

13. They’re basically the most trusted news service

14. They called out influencers for travelling to Dubai for a multitude of reasons

15. They ask the important questions

16. They could rival Martin Lewis with their financial advice

17. They really are out here saying don’t accept fake relationships

18. They’re true feminists

19. They’re proud of their nationality

20. They call out TV channels for not making women’s rights a priority

21. They always hit the nail on the head

22. They’d be perfect casting directors

23. And finally they said what we were all thinking

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