Where are Jedward now? This is what John and Edward have been up to since X Factor

Besides DMing random people on Twitter

In 2009, a set of twins stepped onto the X Factor stage and changed the world forever, and those twins’ names are John and Edward. Jedward came sixth overall in that year’s X Factor competition, the same year as Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon. But it’s been 12 years since X Factor 2009 huns, and there’s now only one question on everyone’s lips: Where are Jedward and what are they doing?

They’re now 29 years old, and Jedward are still very much alive and kicking. They’ve spent the last 12 years releasing music, appearing on TV shows and in films, and going mad all over Twitter.

This is what Jedward are up to now, and everything they’ve done since the X Factor:

They’ve actually released quite a bit of music

Whilst they were on X Factor, Simon Cowell said Jedward were “not very good and incredibly annoying”, but the joke’s on him because they’re still releasing music to this day. After the show, they went on the X Factor Live Tour in 2010, and released their debut single, iconic banger Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby).

That same year they went on their first solo tour, of their Planet Jedward debut album. They’ve since released three more albums.

Three new songs have been uploaded to their YouTube channel in the past few months, the most recent being Teenage Runaway, the music video for which gives me a headache. You can watch (or just listen) here:

They went on Celebrity Big Brother TWICE, as well as Celebrity Coach Trip

Jedward appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2011, with Kerry Katona and Amy Childs. They ended up coming a very respectable third place.

They went on CBB again in 2017. This series was called Celebrity Big Brother: All-Stars vs. New Stars. They reached the final along with Coleen Nolan and Kim Woodburn, and came second overall.

Jedward then went on Celebrity Coach Trip in 2019, and were only on the coach for three days before getting eliminated.

Jedward love DMing random people on Twitter

Back in June last year, Jedward started sending random personalised DMs to people on Twitter, in the process making everyone very confused.

Jedward personalised messages Twitter, Twitter DMs from John and Edward

People started to guess Jedward were searching their own name on Twitter and then messaging fans who had tweeted about them. As well as messaging celebs and a whole load of completely random people, they also called Owen Jones “JEPIC“, something I would genuinely pay good money to be told by Jedward.

Speaking of Twitter, Jedward are extremely active on it

If you don’t already follow Jedward’s Twitter (@planetjedward), I am quite literally begging you to. It’s an absolute wild ride.

Jedward tweet about their music, celebrity stuff, and even politics. It’s absolutely bizarre and you’ll probably get whiplash scrolling through their feed, but they seem completely jokes and offer up some great political commentary.

Case in point – on New Year’s Eve, they tweeted: “Fuck 2020. Let’s rock 2021. Jepic vibes. Jedward,” with an accompanying GIF of some fireworks with the same words over the top. Jepic.

A mere 20 hours later, they wrote: “Buying materialistic things only gives you a short high but gives you long term regret and financial issues! Think before you spend!” What did I tell you: Whiplash.

Jedward even had a documentary made about them

They were in a 2010 ITV documentary called Jedward: Let Loose, where they moved out of their house for 10 days. Sounds absolutely wild.

Jedward have been in loads of other TV shows since, such as OMG It’s Jedward, and CBBC show Jedward’s Big Adventure.

They have been on Eurovision multiple times

Jedward represented Ireland in Eurovision two years in a row, in 2011 and 2012. They ended up coming eighth in 2011, and the next year came 19th. What a fall from grace.

There’s still hope for them yet, however, because at the start of this year they tweeted saying: “FYI We have submitted songs to represent Ireland this year in Eurovision! It’s in the hands of RTÉ now!”

Who knows, 2021 could be the year of the Jedward Eurovision win. We can only dream.

Jedward were in three Sharknado films

They were in the third, fourth and fifth Sharknado films – Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!; Sharknado: The 4th Awakens (great name); and Sharknado 5: Global Swarming. In the third film they played themselves, but they played characters in the fourth and fifth Sharknado films.

If you didn’t know, the premise of Sharknado is that there’s a tornado which somehow picks sharks up out of the sea, and then they fall from the sky and kill everyone. Think Jaws crossed with those silver parachutes from The Hunger Games.

Check out the really good acting and special effects here:

Jedward also had a role in the 2012’s Oscar-worthy Keith Lemon: The Film, again playing themselves.

Their Insta handle is ‘Jepic Pics’

Yes, really – @jepicpics. This isn’t really what they’ve been up to, I just needed you all to know it as a fact.

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