18-29 year olds could be getting the vaccine as early as May

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18 to 29 year olds could be called up for their vaccines as early as May thanks to a surge in vaccine supply.

According to iNews up to 10 million extra vaccine doses are available in the UK. Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford told the paper the dip in vaccines was over and predicted an increase in the numbers of vaccines being administered.

This increase could allow all over 40s to be vaccinated in April, with over 30s being invited to receive their jab by the end of April and 18 to 29 years to start receiving their jabs in May.

Mark Drakeford said: “We are confident that we are past the couple of weeks where there was a dip in supply and we will be getting significantly greater volumes during the month of March.”

So far 22.8 million people in the UK have received their first round of the vaccine and 1.25 million have had their second jab as well.

The Department of Health said they are on track to offering all UK adults their first round of the vaccine by 31st July.

A spokesperson said: “The vaccination programme will rapidly expand in the coming weeks as we expect supply to increase substantially and more people will begin receiving their second doses.

“We are confident in our vaccine supplies and remain on track to offer a first vaccine to all adults by 31 July.”

A number of young people have already received their first dose of the vaccination with many receiving it on placements or on account of being a student nurse.

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