Take this quiz and find out which Covid-19 vaccine you truly identify with

We can’t all be Mr Fancypants Moderna can we

While we were all getting really good at performatively clapping and trying to look interested on Zoom calls, some very clever people were developing a whole range of Covid-19 vaccines. Three have now been approved for use in the UK.

But between Pfizer, Oxford, and Moderna, things are all a bit confusing. They all work, sure. But which one are you meant to stan? Which vaccine is your spirit animal? Nobody knows which vaccine the Queen got yet, and you need to know which one to secretly root for.

What you need is a quiz telling you. Small disclaimer: Obviously get vaccinated when it’s your turn, and take the one you’re given. Don’t roll up to the vaccine centre with a screenshot of your result for this quiz and try to overrule the smart people with the syringes. Anyway, take the quiz.

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