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These are your favourite childhood YouTubers that now have kids of their own

Tanya Burr is pregnant!!


For many years YouTube was the only online video entertainment we had and it was crammed full of teenagers making millions from their bedrooms. However, YouTubers are a little old hat now compared to the youthful faces that have taken over on apps like TikTok, and nothing screams that more than the fact that creators we watched as children are having actual children themselves now. Yup, it literally feels like yesterday that these people were all going to VidCon and taking day trips to Brighton for vlogger meetups, and now they’re starting their own families.

So, while Tanya Burr’s pregnancy announcement this week served as a painful reminder that we’re only getting older, which other YouTubers have also grown up and had children of their own?

Zoella and Alfie

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We had to start with the latest announcement from Zoe and Alfie, who last week shared the news that their baby daughter had been born.

They were met with rejoice all over social media, where many people made links between Zoella raising an entire generation of young women and now getting to do exactly the same with her own child.


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The pair documented Zoe’s entire pregnancy on their various social media platforms, and have already shared loads of snaps with their daughter, as well as beginning to share some of their experiences of getting to grips with parenting.

To be honest, although they’ve both become rather hateable at times for various calendar and tory-related incidents, it’s really nice to see them so happy.

Jim Chapman


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Remember him? After he and Tanya Burr announced their divorce in early 2019, Jim Chapman is now with model Sarah Tarleton – and their new baby girl has just been born, exactly a week after Zoe and Alfie’s baby. Fiancée Sarah announced the news with a pic cradling her baby, whilst Jim posted an image of his daughter holding his thumb. He captioned it: “She’s here. Everything has changed. Everything makes sense.”

Sprinkle of Glitter

Next up from the original British YouTuber list is Louise Pentland, also known as Sprinkle of Glitter, who has two children. Most viewers were probably aware that her first daughter was born in 2011 with then-husband Matt Watson, but her second followed with Liam O’Neill in 2018.

Rhett and Link


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You’d be forgiven for thinking that Rhett and Link are in a relationship themselves judging on just how often then spend time with each other, but they both have separate partners (who are probably extremely exhausted of their Ant and Dec style bromance).

Link has three children with his wife Christy, whom he romantically met while at a rollerskating rink. Their kids were born between 2004 and 2010, and have occasionally made appearances on Good Mythical Morning episodes.

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Rhett has been married since 2001 to Jessie and they have two sons named Locke and Shepherd. They were born in 2004 and 2009 respectively.

Philip DeFranco


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Philip DeFranco hosts what is arguably the longest-running YouTube news show, and from launching SourceFed to his own company Rogue Rocket, he’s made a bit of an empire out of it. He lives in LA with his wife Lindsay and their two sons, Philip and Carter, who were born in 2013 and 2014.

Nothing says Philip DeFranco quite like naming your son Philip DeFranco.


Ethan and Hila Klein started out by making commentary style videos about other creators, however recently they have been podcasting more than anything with their successful H3 and Frenemies podcasts.

The couple first met in 2007 and have been together ever since, so it was no surprise when they announced that they were expecting Theodore. He was born in June 2019.

Casey Neistat

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You knew Casey had his kid Owen because he couldn’t stop talking about him in every other daily vlog. You may also have known that he has a daughter called Francine with Candice Pool. However, since Casey stepped back from daily vlogging, he has had another child with Candice – a girl called Georgie.

She has been featured in several vlogs since but Casey ensures that neither of their faces are ever shown on any of his social media.

Miranda Sings


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If you follow anything from Miranda Sings, also known as Colleen Ballinger, then you will know that her Instagram feed pretty regularly features her son, Flynn. 2018 was a ginormous year for Colleen and actor Erik Stocklin due to the fact that they started dating, got married and had a son – all in less than a year.

Since Flynn, she and Eric have had twins – Maisy and Wesley.



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Dan is the gaming YouTuber that’s always in those “most loaded YouTuber” lists despite the fact that you’ve never met anyone who actually watches his videos. Yeah, that one.

He was married to his girlfriend Jemma in March 2013, and you know what comes after! Their son Asher was born in January 2020, and similarly to Casey Neistat, there are no photos of the child’s face on social media. Probably for the best with an audience consisting of 10-year-old internet kids.

Tanya Burr

Remember her? Of course you do. She and Jim Chapman announced their divorce back in 2019 and now she’s with another man and recently announced her pregnancy. She seems very happy and posted this photo holding her belly.


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