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Obsessed with Married at First Sight? Watch these chaotic Australian reality shows next

The Aussies just always bring the drama

There’s just a week left to go of Married at First Sight Australia which means the chaos and drama are sadly coming to an end, but luckily there are a bunch of similar shows to keep us going.

For some reasons Australia does reality TV better than anyone else. Maybe it’s the accent that just makes everything sound juicier and more dramatic?

Across Netflix, 4OD and Hayu there is a variety of Australian reality shows featuring more weddings, travel and even baby shower competitions. Yes really.

These are all the similar shows to Married at First Sight Australia you need to add to your watch list:

Seven Year Switch Australia

Seven Year Switch Australia is available on 4OD and there are two seasons full of drama. The show is based on the original American version of the show.

It sees four married couples whose relationships are on the rocks swap partners and live together for 14 days, during that time there are no rules.

However after the two weeks the couples then decide whether to stay together or get a divorce. It’s definitely got a Married At First Sight vibe, except this time the stakes are even higher as the couples are already married when they start the show.

Bride and Prejudice Australia

Australia does wedding shows like no one else and Bride and Prejudice is another great addition for your list. There have been two seasons and the first is available on 4OD alongside the UK and American versions if you become obsessed.

The show is about five couples who are planning to get married but their families disapprove for a number of reasons. It could be an age gap, they’re in an interracial relationship or the parents simply don’t like the partner.

The show ends with the couples’ weddings and the question of who will show up. Expect family arguments, tears and the occasional lie detector test.

Instant Hotel

via Netflix

Instant Hotel is a Netflix original which has two series available for bingeing. In the reality show, a group of Australian couples compete to win $100,000 by having the best instant hotel.

The group travels around inspecting each other’s hotels but also features a bunch of eccentric characters, occasional nudity and a lot of slagging each other off. It sounds like Four Beds but just with way far boujier accommodation.

Yummy Mummies

via Netflix

If you’re looking for petty arguments and competitions for the best baby shower, then Yummy Mummies on Netflix is the show you need in your life.

It’s about four Australian mums who are friends and mummy bloggers. The majority of the show features them all gossiping, shopping for sexy maternity clothes and being spoilt by their husbands aka a must watch.

The Single Wives

This is a bit of a deeper reality show as it focuses on three divorced women and one widow as they try and find love again after the end of their marriages.

They go on a string of dates and receive feedback from a dating expert. The show was originally released in Australia in 2018 and is now available on Netflix.

Love Island Australia

via ITV2

We all know Love Island brings the chaos and the Australian version is even raunchier than the UK one. There’s been two seasons so far and whilst it may occasionally air on ITV2 the best way to watch it is on Hulu.

Aside from the dates and drama, even more of a reason to watch the first season is that it features Cyrell’s new boyfriend and baby daddy Eden. What a wild reality TV crossover.

Real Housewives of Melbourne

The Real Housewives of Melbourne is the most successful of the Australian Housewives series, with four seasons currently available on Hayu.

Sadly Andy Cohen is not there to host the reunions, but the show has just as much tension and bitching as all the other Housewives series.

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