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Married at First Sight Australia TikToks: These are the cast members who have accounts

Martha has 35,000 followers and I’m about to be one of them

Married at First Sight Australia is easily the most chaotic and brilliant show in years. Of course you’ve already followed them on Instagram but if you want even more access to their lives then head to TikTok where a few of the cast have their own TikToks which you need to be following asap .

Surprisingly only six of the cast are on TikTok but they’ve been racking up the views and followers, with many of them ahead of the trend having joined TikTok early last year.

Their TikToks feature clothing hauls, stunts and the occasional Q+A about the show. Martha, Jessika and Bronson are just some of the Married at First Sight Australia cast on TikTok and this is where you can follow them all:

Martha – @marthakalifatidis

@marthakalifatidisNot quite Valentine’s Day ##valentinesday ##boyfriend ##mafs ##fyp♬ original sound – Martha Kalifatidis

Followers – 35.5k

Martha is the most followed of the Married at First Sight Australia cast on TikTok, with nearly 36,000 followers.

She’s been on the app since the beginning of January last year in which she called TikTok “tictoc”. Her videos are mainly hot videos of her and Michael, with the occasional clothing haul and skincare routine.

Michael – @m.brunelli

@m.brunelliReply to @marthadaisy_ ##MAFS ##MAFSA♬ original sound – Michael Brunelli

Followers – 12k

Michael has just under half the followers Martha does and he posted his first video in April last year.

If you’re looking for more Married at First Sight Australia tea then I would recommend heading to his TikTok as he’s answered loads of people’s question about the show, including who he’s still mates with 👀.

Jessika – @jessika_power123

@jessika_power123apparently you can tell people’s star signs by the way they facial expressions they have when they sing this song 🤔 can you guess mine? ##fyp♬ sonido original – n o e m p a t h y

Followers – 13.7k

Jessika is close to 14,000 followers on TikTok and has received over 130,000 views on one her TikToks.

She’s been on the app since April last year and usually posts funny videos and the occasional dog video.

Mike – @mikekangaroo

@mikekangaroo##wedding ##funbags ##nork♬ original sound – Michael Gunner

Followers – 2k

I had to check this was actually Mike because he only has 2,000 followers but it really is him. He’s been posting since 2019 and his early videos mainly featured him talking to camera.

However now he’s been doing TikToks about Married at First Sight, essentially taking the piss with a voiceover.

Bronson – @bronsonnorrish

@bronsonnorrish♬ Sound of da Police – Ricii Lompeurs

Followers – 9k

Bronson is close to hitting 10,000 followers on TikTok and has been posting since February last year.

The majority of his videos feature him doing stunts or occasionally showing off his goats.

Tamara – @tamarajoyl

via Instagram @tamara__joy

Followers – 650

Ok so even though Tamara technically has a TikTok she hasn’t actually posted any videos, which would explain why she has less than a thousand followers.

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