Netflix’s new reality show is set in a family run funeral home and it looks wild

Buried by The Bernards has been called ‘the funniest reality TV show in a long time’

Netflix is known for its wild reality TV series, Bling Empire, Selling Sunset and of course Love Is Blind. But now they’ve truly got the wildest reality show going with their latest series focused on a family run funeral home – get ready for Buried by The Bernards.

The new eight part series is all about the Bernard family who run a funeral services business in Memphis and went viral back in 2017.

The show only dropped today and yet people on Twitter are already raving about how funny it is.

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This is everything you need to know about the series:

What is Buried by The Bernards about?

Netflix’s latest reality TV series is about the family who own R. Bernard Funeral Services in Memphis, it follows their lives and business dealings. Kinda like Selling Sunset, just more caskets.

The business is known locally for providing “complete yet affordable funeral packages” to help the community “deal with exponentially high funeral costs.”

The family is made up of Ryan Bernard, his two daughters Deja and Reagan, his mother Debbie who is known as The Boss and Uncle Kevin.

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Moments of the show include 18-year-old Reagan learning how to drive a hearse and Deja setting up her grandmother on a dating site. The majority of the show was filmed before the pandemic started.

When did the Bernard family go viral?

The Bernard family have already been on our screens albeit briefly. Back in 2017 the funeral home went viral for an advert in which Uncle Kevin popped up out of a casket to tell people about the affordable prices they offer.

They then had even more internet fame when they advertised their drive thru viewing window. No it’s nothing to do with McDonald’s. R. Bernard Funeral Services offer a viewing window which allows bereaved family members and friends to pay their respects to their loved ones from their cars.

What are people saying about Buried by The Bernards?

The show only dropped on Netflix today and people on Twitter are loving it already. The show has been called “entertaining”, “the funniest reality TV show” and has got people “screaming!!”.

And the critics seem pretty impressed with it as well. TV Insider said the show is full of “heartwarming humour” and Vulture predicts Uncle Kevin is about be the next big meme.

Watch the trailer for Buried by The Bernards here:

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