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Quiz: Which iconic Stars Hollow resident from Gilmore Girls are you?

Let’s be honest, I’m probably Kirk

The residents of Stars Hollow are a key part of Gilmore Girls. Unlike other TV shows, the secondary characters in Gilmore Girls have developed personalities that are crucial in making the show as quirky and successful as it is.

Taylor, Miss Patty, Babette, Gypsy and of course Kirk are iconic for what they bring to the show. It would not be half as entertaining without Kirk popping up unexpectedly nearly every episode. His endless jobs, side hustles and relationship with Lulu provide great comic relief when things are getting serious with Lorelai and Rory.

And what would Gilmore Girls be without Taylor Doose running the town with military precision? Or Babette and Miss Patty’s constant gossiping and meddling?

We’re all similar to one of Stars Hollow’s residents. Some people are organised and confident like Taylor, whereas others are eccentric and all about parties like Babette.

But which of these iconic Stars Hollow residents are you most like? We’ve created a Stars Hollow character quiz to find this out. Answer just nine questions to see if you’re more similar to Kirk or Miss Patty or another Stars Hollow resident.

Take our Stars Hollow character quiz to find out which resident you are:

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