What is the Stereo app? Everything you need to know about the newest rival to Clubhouse

Unlike Clubhouse, you don’t need an invite to join

You’ve probably heard about the Clubhouse app hundreds of times during this lockdown and spent all your free time scrolling through TikTok’s For You Page. But now there’s a new app in town which people are saying could rival Clubhouse and even TikTok itself – say hello to Stereo.

This new voice-based “live podcasts” app is gaining attraction from thousands of users, but what exactly makes it different from Clubhouse? We have all your answers covered – here’s everything you need to know about the new Stereo app:

What is the Stereo app?

Stereo is a new social media app that enables people to have and discover real conversations in real-time.  There’s a ‘discover’ page like TikTok, where you can easily find a live or recorded show by category, username, or hashtag.

The company describes itself as an “audio-based social networking app with the goal to connect and entertain. Social media is great but lacks the ability to have actual conversations with other people, and we want to fix that.”

The app claims to “combat loneliness” and provides a platform for “debate and conversation.” Only animated avatars are used, instead of photos, to eliminate “appearance-based stereotypes.”

What can you hear on Stereo app?

You can discover live talk shows ranging from news, comedy, and sports, as well as exploring new conversations that interest you and engaging with your favourite hosts. You can even live stream your own show.

The app creators say it is “a vehicle to advance purpose and cause-related campaigning; a catalyst to connect instantly and engage with your fan base; an opportunity to expand your network of friends and followers.”

stereo app

How do I get on Stereo?

Unlike Clubhouse, which is an invite-only app and only limited to users on iPhone, on Stereo anyone can join. It is readily available to download on iPhone and Andriod.

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