This is how you can make objects cuter with the new cartoonify TikTok effect

It’s surprisingly easy

First, there was the cartoon filter that showed you what you’d look like as a Disney princess. Now, there’s a new “cartoonify” TikTok effect that turns objects into adorable stickmen. Everyone is raging about this new filter and turning everything around them into stickmen, from condoms to Pritt sticks.

If you haven’t yet tried the cartoonify TikTok effect yet, you’ll be pleased to know it can be done in three simple steps. Here’s what they are:

Step one: Open your camera on TikTok and select ‘effects’

Cartoonify TikTok

Super simple. Just go to the “effects” section on the TikTok camera, and “cartoonify” is the first effect to come up. You should see an adorable emoji face with little arms and legs.

Step two: Grab an object and ‘select’ it

If you’ve got a small object on your desk, place the camera in front of it and hold down on the select button.

Cartoonify TikTok

Once you’re holding down, move your finger around until there’s a tight square around the object you want to cartoonify. If the square is too large and there’s space around the object, you’re probably going to need to move your camera closer to get a tighter shot.

Cartoonify TikTok

Once you’ve got your square, lift your finger off the select button and you’ll have a real-life Rubik’s cube (or whatever weird junk thing you’ve accumulated on your desk over the lockdowns).


Fun twist: you can cartoonify multiple objects in the same TikTok!

To add a second object, just repeat the same process and you’re junk creature will soon have a little friend:

Cartoonify TikTok

Step three: Move and resize

You can move these cartoon friends and resize them by pinching the screen and moving your fingers around. Friendships do come in all shapes and sizes after all.

Cartoonify TikTok

You can also twist your fingers to change the direction they’re facing. My mug and Rubik’s cube are currently bonding over a bit of Wonderwall:

No description available.

It works with massive objects too!

You don’t always have to put your camera right up next to something small like a desk object. When you’re on the go, the world around can literally turn into a Transformers movie. Just look:

Cartoonify TikTok

Watch some of the most hilarious ‘cartoonifies’

Hopefully, you’ll have learnt something from this tutorial and are currently on your way to turn absolutely every item in your house into a cartoon person that you can spend the next however-many-months of lockdown with. Goodness knows it’s going to get real lonely once you’ve exhausted socially distanced walks with the two friends in your local area.

Before you go through, here are some of the funniest, most inventive and absurd cartoonify TikToks that should bring some smiles to your first day lockdown three:

1. Who doesn’t love a dancing cat

@maxandharveyofficialMy cat’s not really a people person and I’ve always wanted to have a dance party with him so this was the logical solution♬ Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) – Dance Anthem

2. All too relatable

@sammybuca_4Dieting hallucinations 😳😳 ##fyp ##diet ##2021 ##food ##funny♬ Hideaway – Charts Edit – Sieszna

3. Oh dear

@berniejonesxi’m ded this filter♬ Out of Space – Edit – The Prodigy

4. Wait until the end…

@dylanramage_1Immature ##fyp♬ original sound – Dylan Ramage

Now you have truly seen it all. Go forth and cartoonify to your heart’s content.

Featured image credit: @maxandharveyofficial, @bethanyyarrend, @imyhair on TikTok

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