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In case you missed it, this is what an ‘accountant’ means on TikTok

It’s nothing to do with filing your taxes

A week into 2021 and there’s already a new TikTok term taking over the app, and this time it’s an “accountant”.

The hashtag already has nearly 400million views and spawned additional hashtags like “accountantsoftiktok” and “iamanaccountant”.

But no this is nothing to do with the boring job your friend’s dad does filing taxes and sorting out financial records, instead it’s all about sex work.

What does it mean to be an accountant on TikTok?

The term accountant on TikTok actually refers to people who do sex work. Whether that be working in pornography, as a sugar baby or selling content on OnlyFans.

It’s gone viral with people using it in their videos as a way to say what they do for a living rather than saying what they actually do.

How did accountant TikTok start?

The viral audio which is being used in the videos was created by TikTok user @rockysroad, aka Rocky Paterra. He is an actor who created a video to explain that he calls himself an “accountant” when people ask what he does for a living.

He said he does this because it’s easier than explaining what it actually takes to be a struggling actor and going on auditions is a full time job, so he just says he’s an accountant.

The video has received over 4million views and Rocky even launched merch to celebrate the viral moment.

@rockysroadCalling all struggling actors! 🎶🎭 ##musicaltheatre ##broadway ##actorslife ##theatrekid ##gayman ##musicaltheatrekid ##theatrekidcheck ##playbill ##hamiltok♬ As An Accountant – Rocky Paterra

And then sex workers started using the audio as it also perfectly encapsulates what they do for a living.

One TikTok user had the audio in a video that was captioned: “When you’ve made $150,000 off of OnlyFans in four months but you don’t want your family to know”.

Rocky Paterra told BuzzFeed News he was glad the audio was being used by sex workers as he realised the song can be used for many forms of employment people find difficult to have conversations with strangers about.

He said: “It made me realise that the song can function as an anthem for any line of work that you might not always want to have conversations with people about.

“Explaining the struggling actor life sometimes comes with its own awkward and annoying dialogue, and I’m sure that’s true for lots of other industries as well, so I’m just happy that my song can set a comedic tone for this scenario.”

How do I get the TikTok accountant audio?

If you fancy using Rocky’s iconic audio for one of your TikToks, then simply search accountant on TikTok. Then head to the Sounds section, it should be at the top of the list and it’s called “I’m an Accountant”.

Featured image credit before edits: Massimiliano Morosinotto on Unsplash

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