This woman made a life size mannequin of the Bridgerton Duke and it’s quite something

‘It’s all about art for me and I’m not a perverted fanatic’


You might think you’re pretty obsessed with Bridgerton on Netflix. But I can tell you for a fact, someone loves that show a lot more than you. And that person is the woman behind a huge, life sized mannequin of the Bridgerton Duke of Hastings himself.

Yep, Marie Nordh is the Swedish artist who has spent all month sculpting the doll. She began creating the Duke out of Monster Clay in early January, and has been posting her progress since. The mannequin is just a project she does for fun, and she told The Tab she has always loved dolls and been fascinated by Madame Tussauds wax figures. “I have for a long time dreamed of visiting the museum. It’s all about art for me and I’m not a perverted fanatic,” she said.

She added: “I am a beginner at sculpting but I have for a long time wanted to sculpt a full size human sculpture but did not know who I would like to image. I am Swedish and was thinking sculpting a Swedish celebrity like Slatan or Avicii, but when I saw Bridgerton, I became completely stuck in the series and all the magic in it. So I suddenly decided to give it a try to sculpt this handsome gentleman.”

Marie shared her art with a Bridgerton fan group on Facebook, most of which commented that the sculpture is incredible and said she has a ridiculous amount of talent to be able to make something like that from scratch. But others took a bit of a different stance, saying the Duke mannequin is “creepy” and a bit over obsessive.

Marie doesn’t let the bad comments get to her though. “It pulls you down a bit. Not everyone can understand and like this kind of art. What I’m trying to do is absorb the wonderful feedback I am getting! It really means a lot to me. My journey as a sculptor has just begun and there will be more human sculptures made in the future. I hope this sculpture will do him justice. Many details are left to do and some changes need to be done”, she said.

Marie added that she has a partner at home, who isn’t at all phased by having a life sized man in their living room. She told The Tab: “He’s used to seeing my dolls everywhere – however, this is the first time I’m making a full sized man! He is very supportive and admires my work. He thinks it’s incredible that I manage to create something from a lump of clay to something in 3D by studying images and videos, and that I make the small details like pores in the skin structure and more.

“I would probably be more worried if he felt jealous of a sculpture or doll than me worrying that he would feel concerned about me doing this! He has read some of the reactions and I make some jokes that I should go and touch my Duke when I go to continue my work on him. But of course, it’s a bit odd to have a life size Duke standing in our living room!”

I for one, am absolutely gobsmacked.

You can follow Marie’s progress via Instagram @malis_creative_art_dolls. 

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