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How well do you actually remember season one and two of YOU? Take this quiz to find out

Joe Goldberg will forever live rent free in my head

Right now, all anyone can think about is the upcoming release of season three of YOU on Netflix. It seems like a million years ago when we last got our Joe Goldberg fix and, to be honest, I really miss him and his psychopath ways. Something about Joe just really hits different, you know? But, the new episodes are finally upon us.

So whilst there are only so many times you can sit and rewatch season one and two (believe me I have done), there are other ways you need to fill the YOU shaped void in your life. Plus, you need to test if you remember it all well enough and are ready for season three. That’s where this season one and two of YOU on Netflix bumper trivia quiz comes in. Yes, you are so welcome.

From quotes in the show, to remembering the characters and just how many people Joe has actually killed, it’s time to really test your knowledge.

Here’s a trivia quiz all about season one and two of YOU on Netflix, to just kill some time before season three:

Season three of YOU will be available on Netflix from October 15th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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