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QUIZ: Answer these 10 questions and we’ll tell you exactly how lazy you are

How much of your day do you spend in bed?

If you’re a little lazy, the smallest day-to-day tasks can seem like a massive inconvenience. The rubbish needs taking out and the bins are right down the end of the drive – can I actually be bothered? I have an assignment due in a month – do I start now to ensure it’s as good as possible, or do I leave it until the last week? Do I even need to bother with doing any work in first year if it doesn’t count towards my final grade?

Well, if you identify with any of the above, you may just be lazier than you realise – and we’re about to put that to the test. Below are 10 questions that will test you on a number of situations that will test your laziness, and at the end, you’ll be told exactly how lazy you are. Best of luck.

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