Ok fine, these are the 15 best four lads memes going around

I have seen their faces more than I’ve seen my family, and I’m fine with that

You simply cannot escape four lads in tight trousers right now. The four lads memes are everywhere – on your social media feeds, in your group chats, even popping up on Good Morning Britain having a natter with Piers Morgan.

Back in June, in the first wave of their viral fame, we were the first to track them down. With all the memes painting them as the faces of braindead, borderline racist opinions, they insisted they weren’t about that. The abuse was getting bad.

But now, in a rare bit of good news, they’ve become legitimate icons, with a fresh round of memes transforming them into the most iconic people of lockdown 3.0. Thanks, I guess, to sea shanties. One of them has even been approached to go on Love Island. They’re owning it.

Here are the best ones, celebrating their moment in the sun:

1: So true, I don’t actually know what my mum looks like any more

2: Piers getting in on the four lads memes action, six months too late

3: It’s hard to say if this is a good fate or not

4: Agebooth was a time, wasn’t it

5: The four lads meme remix did not need to go this hard

6: Yes, fine, there are Peep Show memes

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7: We woulda won the world cup with England’s real golden generation. No problems fitting these four into a midfield

8: They could even stop a Ronaldo free kick (although his conversion rate is actually shockingly poor for someone with such a reputation as a dead-ball merchant)

four lads memes

9: There are layers to stereotyping these lads as angry football hooligans, but it’s an iconic photo. Somehow they seem above it all

10: Where they belong

four lads memes

11: Not strictly a meme, but who doesn’t want to be called a legend by Liam Gallagher

12: Actually quite a deep social commentary on the violation these lads have endured with the four lads memes

13: I remember this stage of lockdown 1

14: The DVD extras of these lads are class tbh

15: Class film tbh

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