Nearly 50 vice chancellors have kept their six figure salaries throughout the pandemic

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Nearly 50 vice chancellors have kept their large salaries since the start of the pandemic, with only 22 others taking a pay cut.

According to data obtained from an FOI, the Daily Mail reported at least 46 vice chancellors have kept the same sizeable salary they had before the pandemic began.

Amongst the many who have kept their salaries is the vice chancellor for Oxford University, Louise Richardson, who has a salary of £374,000.

Other vice chancellors who have retained their salaries include the vice-chancellors for Queen Mary of London, Bath, Reading, Leicester, South Wales and Winchester.

Many of the Russel Group vice chancellors had a pay cut at the start of the pandemic, but have since gone back onto full pay.

Alice Gast, the vice chancellor of Imperial College London, is the highest paid university boss in the country and took a 20 per cent voluntary pay cut in May 2020 for six months. She is now back on her full pay of more than £500,000 a year.

However some vice chancellors are still on a reduced pay including those at Cambridge, York, Nottingham and Manchester.

Larissa Kennedy, the President of the NUS, has addressed the pay of the vice chancellors.

She said: “Students have faced significant financial issues throughout the pandemic – yet this is clearly not being felt by university leaders.”

The news comes as thousands of students across the country at over 30 universities are striking and asking for rent rebates.

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