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There are 30 iconic Christmas songs and I bet you can’t name half of them

Only Santa would get 27/30

Christmas is nearly here and aside from the food, booze and presents, the music has got to be one of the best parts of Christmas.

In fact if you’re really Christmas obsessed you’ve been listening to Michael Bublé on repeat since the 1st November. But how many iconic Christmas songs could you name from memory?

I’m talking the songs you hear every year – at every single party, shop and pub. The ones by Slade, John Lennon and Wham! They never change, they’re not even that great and yet after all these years we never tire of the cringey optimistic music. However with all these traditional songs you know every lyric but not necessarily the name of the songs you sing along to every year.

To test how many classic Christmas songs you know we’ve designed a Sporcle quiz to truly test your Christmas knowledge. And be prepared it’s a lot harder than it looks when nearly every song has the word “Christmas” in it but you don’t know the rest of it.

You’ve got 12 minutes to see if you can name 30 classic songs. And be warned there is no new pop Christmas songs by Ariana in here, it’s the ones you’ve been listening to since you were born, so there really is no excuse for not getting 30/30.

How many Christmas songs can you name?

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