eat the rich tiktok

These TikToks are the perfect thing to watch while you eat the rich

They’ll make you rethink everything you own

There is no surprise so many of us are willing to eat the rich and in yet another new TikTok trend, everyone is noticing small signs of wealth that you probably would not even think twice about. But in the year where Jeff Bezos became the first person ever worth $200 billion in the midst of a pandemic, everybody has their forks at the ready.

Whether it’s having Spotify premium or an island in your kitchen (and you have to admit that is pretty wealthy), some people are on the way to well, eat you. Figuratively speaking of course.

These are all the best TikTok videos that will make you rethink everything you own and possibly eat the rich:

1) I didn’t want to say anything but…

2) Can’t believe you’ve done this

3) Look a little bit rich to me

4) And tell me why it’s called Coco?

5) I think we can all agree on this one

6) Oh no, oh no, oh no no no

7) That’s a little bit suss to me

8) Don’t even try and defend yourself

9) Why on earth does it play music?!

10) Rude

11) There is balance, I promise!

12) Nice for some

13) France, was it?

14) That hurts the soul

Featured image via TikTok

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