A comprehensive list of the worst outfits Disney Channel characters have worn

I wish I could see right through your funky hat

The early 2000s was truly an era. A moment in time. And if you weren’t busy trying to be different from the rest of us (aka going through your scene phase), you were most likely watching one show or another on Disney Channel. Whether it was Hannah Montana battling with her true identity or Wizards of Waverly Place keeping a secret from the world, they all had a recurring theme in each show: their horrible dress sense.

I’m no Vera Wang but I can see an absolutely shocking outfit from a mile off and despite some of these shows shaping a generation, I’m glad we left a lot of fashion trends back in 2006 where they belong. Some of these outfits you are getting ready to see you would probably laugh at today but back 10 years ago you probably wanted to dress exactly like Raven Baxter or Sonny Munroe, and that’s okay. We all went through it together.

Hannah Montana


I’ll start it off relatively strange before we get into the big dogs, but what on EARTH is going on with those jeans? The different patterns of the Union Jack and an oddly rocker chick lady sewn onto each leg is enough for me to beg her for a refund – for my own EYES. Why would you decide to wear them out in public, at a concert, with hundreds of people? It’s just so bizarre.


I want to scream, they were living in California for crying out loud. What could have possibly possessed him to wear a stripy shirt and then a polo on top of it? I really don’t see the need, especially when in this episode he was about to meet the Hannah Montana, who he had been crushing on for months. Not really the way to make an impression on an international popstar is it, Oliver?

Hannah Montana

Right so you’re telling me, Hannah Montana, the INTERNATIONAL pop star wore something like this? The sparkles, the gold, the low rise belt – it’s just a huge no from me. It’s all a bit too tacky for my liking, maybe I’m being a bit of a snob because she was only like 16 years old but there were some points in the show where she had her looks on point. This one, unfortunately, let her down hugely.

Wizards of Waverley Place


We all know when it comes to Wizards of Waverly Place your mind automatically goes to Harper Finkle and her atrocious, bizarre wardrobe. Going through my memory of watching this show 10 times over, this outfit is the peak for me. Lady Gaga’s meat dress has absolutely nothing on this dress. It’s quite frankly awful and we all just went along with it because it’s Harper. How many rubber ducks did that take to make is what I want to know.


It was really difficult finding something awful that Alex Russo wore because she kind of was a fashion icon but this outfit gets the red cross from me. I don’t understand why each Disney character needed to wear two tops, genuinely what was the need? The fact that the first top can make into gloves is just a bit much, I doubt New York City summer warranted such extreme measures.

Shake it Up

CeCe Jones

There isn’t one good thing I can say about this outfit if I’m being completely honest. Let’s start with the belt going across of course another double top combo, a cardigan, AND an oversized plaid shirt. Why does she need that many layers? The design on the t-shirt makes me want to vomit and I wish I could unsee how high those socks are that are OVER her tights. Honestly, Disney Channel needed a new wardrobe department because this is shocking behaviour.

Rocky and CeCe

*insert Cardi B voice* WHAT WAS THE REASON? They look like a beauty pageant has thrown up on them. Don’t get me wrong they are rocking it for sure but the bowties and the pink gloves and pink sequin dress is just a lot even for 14 year olds. It’s the tiaras for me.

That’s So Raven

Raven and Eddie

All I think I need to say is what are those? Why would you be in high school and wear what seems to look like hiker boots, it is certainly perplexing. Whether it’s the oversized trousers or jumpers, I don’t know, but nothing seems to match on either of the two.

Suite Life on Deck

Bailey Pickett

Bailey, sweetie what is this? I don’t know where to start with this utter monstrosity. The hat, for starters, is just a bit mad. Like does her whole outfit need to scream “I love pink and I want to be Sharpay Evans!” so loudly? The jeans that go under the heels of her feet and the pumps that don’t match with anything, ugh, I can’t do it. I can’t. I’m bowing out.

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