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Your Spotify Wrapped may be tragic but these 25 memes about it sure aren’t

Why does Spotify have to call me out like this?

It’s that time of year, Spotify Wrapped is here. Along with exposing how basic your music taste is, it has also created some banging Spotify Wrapped memes.

Every year Spotify gives subscribers a list of stats that includes the most listened to songs, artists and genres over the last year. It’s essentially a nice way to see what you’ve listened to that year and how maybe your taste has evolved.

But for most people it just reveals how basic and tragic their music taste is. And though you may have known you like some pretty cringe songs, it’s a lot harder to handle when Spotify is calling you out on it.

Yes I know I listened to that Mariah song a hundred times in one day, I don’t need reminding thank you. Luckily everyone is experiencing the tragicness together and creating some top tier Spotify Wrapped memes.

These are 25 funniest Spotify Wrapped memes:

1. So rude to call me out like this

2. Disappointed in myself really

3. What? I’m not the only one who listens to Ariana Grande?

4. An actual genius came up with this playlist

5. Pretends to be shocked

6. Still listening to Flo Rida on repeat

7. This song did slap

8. Ruin? Don’t you mean rule?

9. Why is this me?

10. Not surprised at all

11. Basic? Me? Never.

12. They know me so well

13. Must be regretting that choice today

14. No one will ever know

15. Hahhhahaha

16. Seriously bruh?

17. Proudest achievement of the year

18. IT was just one song Spotify?? JUST One.

19. I’ve just discovered this new indie artist called Doja Cat. Ever heard of her?

20. Don’t need anything more than these two

21. Music was all we had in March

22. I am weirdly invested

23. Should we be concerned?

24. Spotify police, I have a crime to report

25. Why does Spotify do this to us every time? But still can’t wait for next year’s.

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