These 23 memes about Spotify’s free Google Nest Minis are wilder than the offer itself

This is definitely a government conspiracy but I don’t care because it’s FREE

In the past day it seems like the entire world has gone crazy after realising if you have Spotify premium you can claim a free Google Nest Mini. The offer is actually real, and so simple everyone can’t quite believe it. But then it’s led to a whole bunch of memes about people claiming their Google Nest minis.

Like, is this a government conspiracy to rig all our homes and listen to our conversations? What even is a Google Nest Mini? I’ve never had any interest in this product until you said it was FREE. Brb, just going to spend a few hours on YouTube watching tutorials on how to use it whilst mine’s in the post.

Here are all the best memes about the Spotify Google Nest Mini giveaway. Enjoy.

1. It’s quite simple

2. There is always a motive

3. Amazing product!!! Always wanted one!!!

4. Don’t judge


6. Perfect condition, hardly been used x

7. I mean, true

8. Abort

Google Nest Mini, Google Nest, free, Spotify, Premium, offer, memes, meme, Twitter

9. I did this to myself didn’t I

10. Lmao why am I like this????

11. You will look pretty right over there x

12. Hmmm interesting I want it x

13. How do you Google Nest????

14. Loves it

15. The inner TURMOIL

16. Oops x

17. Wow

18. Savage but where is the lie?

19. You ain’t gonna hear nothing!!!!!!

20. Sorry to disappoint

Google Nest Mini, Google Nest, free, Spotify, Premium, offer, memes, meme, Twitter

21. Call me an entrepreneur

22. A STEAL!!

23. Patiently waiting x

What a wild few hours it’s been.

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