I hope these 27 email memes find you well, unlike the thousands in your inbox

In all honesty, I don’t think a single email has ever found me well

On Twitter recently you may have seen loads of people sharing memes with the caption “I hope the email finds you well, how the email finds me”. And to be honest, these are the most accurate memes I’ve seen all year.

What does this phrase even mean?! Why do people even say it?! No, your email has not found me well, I’m stressed, tired and I wish nobody would ever email me ever again in all honesty. Straight in the trash folder.

The basic format for the memes are people write “I hope this email finds you well” and then “how the email finds / found me” with an image of a much more realistic picture of how an email finds you, despite the fact that you will definitely reply saying “Yes I’m great!!”

Here are the best examples of these memes so far.

1. You could say I’m a bit worse for wear

2. Can we talk about how crazy this was????

3. Yes very well, how about you?

4. Unimpressed

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5. Smiling through the tears x

6. I just want to stay here, alone please

7. GO. AWAY.


9. Yeah I’m a few bottles deep in all honesty

10. Hello darkness my old friend x

11. I have a pile of things more pressing than how this email has found me thank you very much

12. 100 per cent accurate, every time

13. Everything is fine x

14. How did you find this picture of me?????

15. You what???

16. Loving life thank you x

17. Yeah been better to be honest

18. Great 🙂

19. It’s just a phase xD

20. Confusion

21. Yeah ngl I won’t be replying x

22. I am WEAK

23. I’m in a slightly bad condition

24. What do you want from me?

25. 🙂

26. BE GONE !!!

27. Every. Time.

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