I don’t know about you, but mentally I am here with these 33 hilarious memes

Oh to be in some of these places

Mentally where are you right now? Because mentally, I’m right here alongside this bunch of memes which are all basically a look inside my brain.

Right now, you may have seen a load of people on Twitter sharing pictures of various places from TV, film and pop culture with the caption “mentally I’m here”. It’s basically an insight into people’s minds, and where they would love to be, or feel they actually are, despite all the crazy stuff which is going on in the world at the moment.

And to be honest, I’m here for it. It’s a great escape from real life, and has brought back some real nostalgic places from the depths of my mind I had forgotten even existed. Here are all the best “mentally I’m here” memes so far.

1. Everybody ALL FOR ONE


3. A mess x

4. Pretending I’m living my absolute best life

5. Never forget x

6. The only time I was truly happy x

7. Obviously

8. Ngl physically this is me everyday too

9. My regards to the chef

10. Classic x

11. Lockdown had me feeling these ways

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12. I’ve found my calling OKAY

13. I’ve been dreaming about being here since like 2005

14. The sad truth x

15. Possibly the greatest place on Earth??

16. About to have the best holiday of my life amiright?

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17. Pls take me here x

18. Wild day out tbh

19. Hey Upper East Siders!!!

20. Oh to be riding in the fish tube

21. Icons only x

22. The cultural reset of all film scenes

23. I mean, yes please

24. The amount of times I’ve imagined spinning in that wardrobe

25. The best

26. Lmao classic

27. And I never intend to leave x

28. Where else would you want to be?

29. What dreams are made of

30. Welcome to my mind x

31. Powerful

32. This still makes me feel stressed

33. A curveball x

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