How to do the ‘who are your celebrity parents’ challenge everyone is doing on Twitter

Pls be Gigi and Zayn, pls be Gigi and Zayn

Right now, loads of people on Twitter seem to go be going mad for a new challenge which lets you find out who your celebrity parents are.

The posts show which male and female celeb you are a combination of, and everyone is sharing their hilarious results. But if you’re not quite sure how everyone is finding all of this out, here is a step-by-step guide on how to find out just who your celebrity parents are, which we all know is vital information.

Here’s how to find out who your celebrity parents are:

• You can either go to or download the “Star by Face” app from Google Play or the app store.

• On the website or the app you will be prompted to upload a picture.

• Once you upload a picture, the app or site will tell you a load of differently celebrities you have a percentage similarity too.

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• Click on “best pair” and it will tell you who your highest matching male and female celebrities are, therefore telling you who your celebrity parents truly are. Simple!!

• Then share it on Twitter and tell everyone who you look like, obvs.

The results people are sharing on Twitter are hilarious. Celebrities themselves have been doing it, and others can’t believe how good their genes appear to be.

Brb, going to play on this app for the rest of the day.

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