Vote: Who is undeniably the biggest Netflix villain of 2020?

Chaos was well and truly created

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to look back at how 2020 has given us many a Netflix villain – and now is your chance to vote for and crown the ultimate biggest of them all.

This year was the year we were introduced to the scheming ways of Haley in Too Hot To Handle, the chaotic queen energy of Christine and everyone turning on Davina in Selling Sunset season three and of course, the literal criminal villain of Joe Exotic.

There are these and so many more, but only one of them can take the crown. Here are the nominations for the biggest Netflix villain of the year, and then cast your vote at the end.

Davina Potratz

Davina Potratz, Selling Sunset, Netflix, villain, 2020, vote, of the year, biggest

Davina became the villain of season three of Selling Sunset this year. We all just decided she had wronged us all, with the way she looked at everyone in the room like she wanted to kill them. She will never sell the $75million listing, not on our watch anyway.

Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn

You can’t deny that Christine Quinn is Netflix reality show royalty. The absolute villainous queen we all want to be in life. She’s sassy, strong, and nothing short of iconic. She never bites her tongue and lets everyone know that she is the main character. All whilst wearing neon trousers. No choice but to stan, forever.

Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic, Netflix, villain, 2020, vote, of the year, biggest

Ok so is anyone else completely shook at the idea that pre-2020 we didn’t know who Joe Exotic was?! He’s a pretty obvious villain because you know, he’s in jail for plotting to murder someone and for animal abuse charges. He really did transform all of our 2020s.

Carole Baskin

Netflix, villain, 2020, vote, of the year, biggest, Carole Baskin, Tiger King

Did she or didn’t she kill her husband, whack him? That is the question. Whatever you believe, Carole Baskin is a pretty shady character and has done some questionable things in her time. Be it insisting she’s innocent all throughout Tiger King, dressing up as a cat every week she was on Dancing With The Stars, or shouting out Rolf Harris in a Cameo video.

Jeff Lowe

Netflix, villain, 2020, vote, of the year, biggest, Jeff Lowe, Tiger King

Jeff Lowe was the backroom villain of Tiger King. He swooped on in, took the zoo from under Joe Exotic’s feet and well and truly settled him and his family in. But it all came round to bite him, when Carole Baskin won the zoo back in a lawsuit. Jeff Lowe has also been accused of being part of the Carole Baskin murder-for-hire plot. Either way, he’s shady AF.

Jessica Batten

Jessica, Love Is Blind

Jessica became our ultimate reality TV villain after she appeared in Love Is Blind this year. Never forget her iconic baby voice, reminding us every two seconds that she’s 34 and Mark is 24, desperately trying to steal Barnett and of course, feeding her dog red wine. A chaotic villain, that’s for sure.

Amber Pike

Amber, Love Is Blind

I’m pretty sure if Cat Slater from EastEnders was younger and American, she’d be Amber Pike. In short, Amber from Love Is Blind is catty AF. She takes no shit, and told Jessica she would break her face not once, but twice.

Haley Cureton

Too Hot To Handle, Haley, Netflix, villain, 2020, vote, of the year, biggest

When Haley stepped foot in the Mexico villa on Too Hot To Handle she meant business. She for sure wasn’t there to make friends, and when it became clear nobody wanted to pursue her she just began to wreak havoc on the entire show. She broke rules, caused arguments and made the show a million times more dramatic than we could have ever imagined. You have to give her your full respect.

Joe Goldberg

You, Joe Goldberg

So technically season two of YOU came out in late 2019, but we were hooked on Joe Goldberg well in 2020 – so it stands. Why oh why do we all crave nothing more than for serial killer psychopath Joe Goldberg to lock us up in his glass box? Also, he gets bonus villain points for his excellent cap disguise.

Massimo Torricelli

Netflix, villain, 2020, vote, of the year, biggest, Massimo, 365 Days

2020 was the year we were introduced to Massimo, and for that I will be forever thankful. Are you lost baby girl? Yes, I think I am. As much as we swoon and wish he would steal us and have us join him on his yacht forever, he did steal a woman and basically force her to fall in love with him, thats’s pretty ~questionable~.


Sex Education, Isaac, Netflix, villain, 2020, vote, of the year, biggest

Isaac took everything that was pure in Sex Education and ripped it from underneath us. Just when we thought we were getting the love story we deserved, he pressed delete on *that* answer phone message. I’m sorry, but that is truly unforgivable.

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