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Which Netflix villain are you? Take this quiz to finally find out

If I get Davina I will riot

Netflix series have introduced us to a whole load of villains, from powerful female villains who don’t give a damn to you know, actual psychopath murderous villains. And we all sit somewhere on that scale, as this Netflix villain quiz is about to tell you.

You might be a secret villain like Carole Baskin or Nurse Ratched, a hot mess villain like Jessica from Love Is Blind, the classic drugs villain like Walter White, or maybe you radiate genuine serial killer vibes like the likes of Joe Exotic or Joe Goldberg. Or maybe you’re rotten to the core, but ready to leave it all behind you like Lucifer? Or like Davina from Selling Sunset, nobody can pin-point what makes you a villain, but everyone just can’t help but feel uneasy by your presence.

The possibilities are almost endless. So it’s time to bite the bullet and find out where you fit in, and who you are most like. Sorry if you have no friends left by the end of this.

Take this quiz to find out which Netflix villain you truly are:

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