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Plan a British tapas buffet and we’ll guess where you’re from

Is this what heaven looks like?

If you’ve been on TikTok recently you will have definitely seen British tapas meals popping up. And if you don’t know what British tapas is, it’s essentially all the great beige food this country eats at every party, and absolutely nothing to do with the culinary delights of actual Spanish tapas.

British tapas is the food you eat at kids parties, at dinner when your mum couldn’t be asked to cook, at distant relative’s weddings in town halls, at Christmas and New Year’s Eve party every year without fail. It wouldn’t be Christmas if you weren’t standing with a paper plate full of frozen party food pieces that includes a sausage roll, spring roll and garlic bread.

The food is cheesy, carby and you will literally never see anything green. If you have no clue what food we’re talking about think potato waffles, cocktail sausages, breaded garlic mushrooms, onion rings, party rings and baked beans.

And now people on TikTok, mainly uni students, are creating their own British tapas boards/entire tables full of delicious, completely devoid of nutrition snacks. You can’t say Britain doesn’t have culture.

However what you decide to put in your British tapas buffet depends entirely on where in the country you’re from. Southerners are naturally going to go all posh and chuck a whole camembert on the table. Whereas Northerners’ tapas will probably include a lot of gravy.

To see if we can guess where you hail from in Britain, take our quiz and plan a British tapas board:

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