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Sorry, but it’s near impossible to choose between these classic British lunchbox snacks

Cheesestring or Babybel?

There are many difficult cultural divides that humankind has had to endure and overcome over the years, but surely none have even come close to the turbulence that is aroused by a statement such as: “I prefer Mini Cheddars to Pom Bears”. Like really, we could have fully hung parliamentary debates during lunch hours over which lunchbox fodder was superior – you got sliced apple rather than grapes? Hard luck.

Well, it’s 2020, and the time has never been riper to dissect certain parts of society and endeavour to be better, and that starts from the ground up… the playground up, to be specific (urgh). What was the best snack going? What was more popular out of Frubes and Petit Filous? It’s time to find out. Below are various childhood lunchbox snacks, and your job is to pick between them. Trust me, it ain’t easy when it gets to the cheesy.

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