tier memes

Shed a tear for these 24 quality tier announcement memes

Would have felt a lot better if Ant and Dec read them out I’m A Celeb style

Matt Hancock announced the new tier system for when we come out of lockdown earlier today. And unless you’re living in Cornwall, the Isle of Wight or the Isles of Scilly, you’re basically screwed and can only see your mates if you sitting outside in a freezing pub garden. And that’s only Tier 2 of course. But hey at least we have some quality tier memes to get us through it.

Unsurprisingly the government website crashed with everyone trying to find their tier, which has resulted in some quality memes. It’s not only the website failing memes, but also the feeling of being in the Hunger Games and I’m A Celeb has produced some very funny memes.

They are literally the only positive thing about this announcement so we’re going to have run with it people.

Here are the 24 funniest tier memes to laugh at whilst you cry:

1. Soz Manchester

2. The accuracy

3. Can we take it to deadlock?

4. Lower, always lower

5. I do not volunteer as tribute for this shit show

6. Thanks so much for making a great website Boris x

7. Honestly

8. God not Tier 404

9. My exact reaction

10. The jealously I feel rn

11. Worst box to open

12. Strong Will vibes going on here

13. He does not look good

14. Total sense

15. There is basically no difference

16. Enjoy it whilst you can

17. Mood

18. Need to repeat this meme, because it’s never felt so appropriate


20. Wow they found such an accurate picture of me

21. Gemma is not here for tier 3

22. I am just SO happy

23. Enjoy the trial guys

24. Hahaha dying

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