Friends of Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott have said they are back together

She’s posted another loved up picture of them together

Friends of Made in Chelsea stars Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott have claimed that the couple have got back together, after splitting up in September.

The couple broke up after 16 months together, when it was found out that Zara had cheated on Sam whilst she was on Celebrity X Factor. 

But now, a source has told the Daily Mail he has taken her back. They said: “They are certainly back together again. This finally happened about two weeks ago now. He took her back.”

This comes as Zara posted ANOTHER photo of them together. She posted a photo of them on a pier kissing, captioned: “I promise that you will always have my heart.” Zara has posted a number of photos of them together, cryptic messages and a three-minute montage video of clips, all of which have left people questioning if they are a thing again. 

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via Instagram @zara_mcdermott

Two weeks ago, Zara McDermott was pictured leaving Sam Thompson’s house in his clothes in the morning. He also followed her on Instagram again, after unfollowing her when the whole cheating scandal happened. As well as this, the pair apparently went for a roast with friends and one of the people there posted a video online before swiftly deleting it, realising it would draw attention to the couple spending time together.

At the time, a source told The Sun: “They were all having such a nice time that one got carried away and uploaded a post with Sam and Zara in it, forgetting that they’re not officially together.

“The friend soon realised their mistake and deleted the post before it drew too much attention. The word amongst their inner circle is they’re back together, but to the public it’s a different story.”

This would all fit with the time frame of friends confirming they’re back on, but neither Sam Thompson or Zara McDermott have officially confirmed they are back together.

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