Do you consider the same things cheating as everyone else? Take this poll to find out

Liking their ex’s Insta and watching a series without me is the definition of cheating


Cheating by definition means to act dishonestly and to deceive someone, but when it comes to your relationships, what do you think counts as cheating?

Everyone generally seems to think sleeping with someone else is a pretty shitty thing to do and counts as cheating. Unless you’re part of the Made in Chelsea cast that is.

But what about the little things? Is liking your ex’s new Instagram picture, where they just so happen to look 10/10, cheating? Or is it just simply poor form but nothing to be concerned over. Some people would literally consider their partner to be cheating on them if they so much as look at someone attractive, whereas others think it’s only cheating if sex is involved.

What counts as cheating is the sort of question you debate endlessly with your mates. Are you entitled to be annoyed if your boyfriend is flirting with the girl behind the till in Primark? Or is that ridiculous and your definition of cheating needs to be reassessed.

Well to check you’re on the same wave length as everyone else, take our poll and answer the 17 questions to determine if you think the same as others as to what counts as cheating:

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