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Girls tell us about the moment they worked out their boyfriend was cheating on them


Team Khloe has never been more vocal since finding out garbage-man and soon to be baby-daddy Tristan Thompson has allegedly been cheating on her.

Pregnant Khloe Kardashian, who is literally pushing out their child out of her WOMB any moment, now has to not only live with a new baby but the fact her man is a total snake.

Finding out via the Daily Mail or some other gossip site is probably the most savage way to be told your boyfriend's been getting off with someone else. But just to check, we asked girls to tell us the most savage ways they found out their boyfriend was cheating on them.

The linked Uber account

I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me when his Uber was linked to my phone. There was literally no way of getting out of it when I asked him exactly who he was visiting at 32 Cressy Road on Tuesdays, Saturdays and some Sundays. – Kat, 20

Bumping into the ex on his doorstep

I knew my boyfriend had a bit of a crazy-ex girlfriend situation. She used to call him all the time and send random texts like “I miss you” etc., but he’d always paint her out to be obsessive and weird.

One day I went over to my boyfriend's unannounced, because I didn't think he would think anything of it. When I turned up at his flat door, he was super shocked to see me there. During this awkward door-step situation his phone was constantly ringing. Next thing I know, this ex is coming round the corner to his flat because he’d been sleeping with her the whole time. – Rose, 22

The club picture

I found out my boyfriend had cheated on me because he was photographed in a club picture necking on with some other girl. Naturally everyone saw. – Chloe, 19

He was all over his exes Instagram

I was getting with a guy for about four months who said he just came out of a really intense long term relationship where he’d been living with his girlfriend and they were practically married. I knew it was a tricky situation but we were really good friends so I went for it anyway knowing it could be a bit risky in terms of past feelings he might have and unfinished business.

Randomly one day, bored at home with my housemate, we decided to give her a cheeky lil stalk on Instagram and what do I see completely out of the blue? A photo taken that day of them together: “Happy three years with bae <3”. – Jess, 25

The avocado t-shirt

I was on FaceTime with my boyfriend and he was like “you left your t-shirt here by the way”. I was like “no I didn’t?” He was so sure about it so he held it up and went "this is yours!"

It was a little crop top with two avocado halves over the breast area – that is very much not my style. I was like well first of all you don’t know me at all if you think I would wear a top like that, and second of all what fucking girl left that in your room?!?! – Alice, 22

The bag of clothes

Me and my ex-boyfriend broke up. I hadn’t stayed round his house for a while, but the day after I met him to get my clothes back as I was on my way to work. He handed me a huge bag of clothes and literally none of them were mine. Not . One . Item. He didn’t have any sisters or females other than his mum living in his house at the time. – Ellie, 21

Getting with my best friend whilst interrailing

My boyfriend was going travelling for the summer with his best girl mate. We’d all been quite close throughout uni so I didn’t think anything of it. I couldn’t go with them because I was on a four week work experience placement.

At work, my boyfriend’s travel plans came up with my colleagues and they continually rinsed me saying he was 100 percent shagging her – they literally didn’t stop making jokes how they were definitely together.

I didn’t think anything of it, but then two months after we broke up he texted me on WhatsApp saying “thought I should let you know me and Jen got together on holiday..but it wasn’t cheating”, so turns out my work mates were right all along!! – Jessica, 23

Caught on Snapchat

This guy I’d been dating for a few months, totally thinking it was heading for a relationship – he split up with me really suddenly. By complete coincidence I was looking at people's Snapchats the next morning (it was Halloween). I was watching this one friend Snapchatting vids of her flatmate who’d booty called someone. That someone was the very same guy I'd just split up with.

It didn’t seem like it was the first time it had happened, as when I confronted him about it a while later he had no remorse. – Olivia, 21