Unis are extorting students with £18 a day food parcels, says universities minister

She said unis should stop trying to profit from self-isolating students

Universities trying to profit off self-isolating students have been slammed by the universities minister.

Michelle Donelan called expensive food parcels “outrageous” in parliament yesterday, and said students locked up in halls should be given free, or at least cheap, food.

Sussex Uni charged self-isolating international students £25 for a food parcel full of items that could be purchased for just £8.46, while Lancaster asked students to cough up £17.95 a day for food costing £2.75.

Across the country, unis have been providing students with food parcels that aren’t just expensive, but incredibly depressing. With barely a fresh vegetable in sight, self-isolating students are being asked to subsist on crisps and sad sandwiches.

“No university should seek to profit from students self-isolating, and reported charges ​of £18 a day for food parcels are quite simply outrageous,” said Donelan.

“Students self-isolating in catered halls should receive free food, while other students should receive food that is either free—as many universities, including Sheffield Hallam and Edge Hill, are doing—or at a price that can be afforded within a student’s budget.

“I have spoken to many universities on this, and I am also writing to them to make the point.”

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