A third year got stuck in her washing machine, then had to be rescued by firemen

‘The fireman walked in and was like “this is interesting”‘

A third year student got in her washing machine, got stuck, and then had to call the fire brigade to rescue her.

Hull student Rosie and her housemate Lydia, a Masters student also at Hull, both posted the whole ordeal on TikTok, where their videos together now have more than 60k views – so of course, we had to know more.

‘I got in because my housemate told me to’

Because of the 10pm curfew their house decided to have a night in, making a fire in their garden and having a few drinks. Lydia told The Tab: “Rosie made a deal with a housemate that if she was to get drunk too, Rosie would get in the washing machine”.

When I asked Rosie why she decided to get in the washing machine, she said it was because her housemate “told me to get in”, so, uh, she did. I mean, what else was she supposed to do??

“At least she keeps to her deals,” Lydia says.


‘We had to call the fire brigade’

While this was all happening, Lydia had gone to bed early. Their other housemates tried to pull Rosie out of the washing machine, but “because of the way her legs were folded up inside her they couldn’t get her out. Probably doesn’t help that she was drunk as well though,” Lydia told The Tab.

Rosie says when she was trying to get out, “the washing machine just kept moving and tipping forward”. Her housemates “were making me laugh at first so I couldn’t really think about it, but then I was like ‘shit what are we gonna do, cos I actually can’t get out.'”

After trying for around 20 minutes, they realised they had to call the fire brigade.

Another housemate rang, saying on the phone: “Hi, this might sound a bit weird but our friend is stuck in the dryer.” In the video, you can then can hear sirens from the fire engine in the background. They then propped Rosie up on chairs, so she wasn’t lying on the floor.

‘The fireman was like “this is interesting”‘

Having gone to bed early, Lydia says she was “woken up by blue lights flashing outside. I panicked thinking the fire outside had gone out of control but when I got downstairs Rosie was stuck in the dryer.”

Lydia said: “By this time I couldn’t stop laughing, the fireman walked in and was like ‘this is interesting.'” Apparently they took “a couple of attempts” to pull Rosie out, and had to do it carefully because she could have gotten electrocuted, which the house hadn’t realised.


Rosie says she now has “a lot of bruises on my legs, and I think I could have broken my little toe but it’s alright. My arms were hurting from holding myself up and my legs were crossed in some next level position!”

She says it “definitely wasn’t one of my finest moments”, and says a few of her family members have called her a “disgrace” – but all their mates are loving it, and so is TikTok.

Featured image via TikTok @lydiadunwell @_rosieclutter

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