These 22 TikToks sum up the chaos of being locked down in uni halls right now

A lot of drinking and a lot of staring out the window

It’s a rubbish time for all uni students right now, but those with a particularly raw deal are students having to isolate in halls. Thousands across the country are trapped in their bedroom, due to coronavirus cases in their flat or entire halls block. On lockdown, many uni students feel they’re trapped “in a cage”, are being served some quite rank food, and are making TikToks to document it all, because honestly what else is there to do?

If their TikToks are anything to go by, being on lockdown in uni halls mostly involves drinking with your flatmates in the kitchen, decorating every single window with Post-it Note signs, and a lot of sheer boredom.

These 22 TikToks show what it’s really like to be on lockdown and isolating in uni halls right now:

1. Staring out of the window for some human interaction

2. This went from zero to 100 real quick

3. Oh no

4. Better than the Olympics

5. Love the disco light

6. ‘We had a fire drill so we got to go outside!’ is BLEAK

7. The same flat got sent free beer a couple of days later

8. And then they got sent free Subway!

9. Loads of flats have put signs in their windows

10. Trying to stick your head out of the window to get some fresh air isn’t exactly how you envision Freshers’ Week going

11. The rabbit really completes this

12. Love a cheese and coleslaw sandwich me x

13. You can tell this is Oxford because the food is boujee


14. ‘I think I’ve finally had enough’

15. I’m claustrophobic Darren

16. ‘Mum I made a friend!!’

17. Yep nothing to see here

18. Miss going clubbing? Nbd, just whack on ‘M to the B’ and have a shower in your coat

19. HELP

20. The boredom has well and truly set in

21. Hey Siri play Love Story by Taylor Swift

22. ‘More window staring’


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