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Meet Nathan Apodaca: The man in *that* Fleetwood Mac skateboarding TikTok video

This man must be protected at all costs

This weekend the world was introduced to probably the coolest man on the planet. The most calm and collected video of a random guy living his best life sipping cranberry juice and skateboarding down the road to Fleetwood Mac has gone viral on TikTok and since spread to Twitter, Instagram and basically everywhere.

Honestly, I want a bit of what this guy has. But who exactly is the skateboarding, cranberry juice drinking guy in the Fleetwood Mac TikTok? Here’s everything you need to know about him. And if you haven’t seen the video, and might have been wondering why Fleetwood Mac has been trending all weekend, strap in.

His name is Nathan Apodaca and he’s a father from Wyoming

So, if you’re wondering who the incredible man is, according to reports his name is Nathan Apodca and he’s a Mexican father of two from Wyoming, USA.

He was introduced to TikTok by his two daughters, Makyla and Angelia, and they feature in a few of videos and film some of the others too.

He’s said to have taken on the quintessential “embarrassing uncle” on TikTok persona and just wants to share the love for old school 90s songs and life in general. A lot of his videos include him hanging around at work, and most of the time he is, self-confessed, stoned.

Nathan went viral this week after posting *that* TikTok of him skateboarding and drinking cranberry juice listening to Fleetwood Mac

You’ve definitely seen the video, and multiple versions of it are going around Twitter with millions of views. The original TikTok has 13million views and was captioned: “Morning vibe”.

He goes by ‘doggface208’ and now has over one million followers on TikTok

The Fleetwood Mac video was posted three days ago, but Nathan’s TikTok account has been big for a while. He currently has 674 videos and 1.1 million followers. Across all of his videos, he’s had over 15 million likes. His handle is @420doggface208 and his account name on TikTok is doggface208.

His account is the most wholesome thing on this planet, and I do believe that doggface208 should be protected at all costs. Honestly, good vibes just radiate off his posts.

Since posting the Fleetwood Mac video, Nathan has posted another acknowledging how big it went over the weekend. He says: “This is doggface here, after I posted that video the shit went viral. Holy sheep shit, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, from doggface, me and my family, to all of you guys. Reach for the stars!”

He also shared a video of one of his daughters presenting a balloon to celebrate reaching one million followers. And as well as his TikTok account, he has 450k followers on Instagram – where he shares all of his videos too.

Streams of the song have gone up and Fleetwood Mac replied to him!!!

If all that wasn’t enough, journalist Lenard Monkman tweeted to say that since the video went viral, streams of Fleetwood Mac have gone up by a huge 2000 per cent. So I guess Nathan can call himself an influencer as well now?

The actual, real life Fleetwood Mac have seen the video too. The band shared a version of the TikTok which has been doing the rounds on Twitter and captioned it: “We love this!” Iconic.

The memes about him skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac TikTok show just how popular this guy has become

We’re just obsessed with him, really.

He sells ‘Doggface’ merch, and tbh I want it all

Nathan has also shared on Twitter that he sells loads of merch, and all you have to do is message him on Instagram to get hold of it. Brb, going to order five beanies and seven t-shirts, for each day of the week.

He’s on Cameo as well, of course

As with anyone who makes it big on the internet, you can now get a personalised video shout out from Nathan on Cameo. His profile lists him as a “TikTok star” and he charges a humble £41.50 per video, saying: “Get at me for whatever!!!! I got you”.

People have already started making Spotify playlists dedicated to his incredible music taste

doggface208, 402dogface208, tiktok, viral, video, Fleetwood Mac, Dreams, skateboarding, cranberry juice, who is, Nathan Apodaca

If you have time to go on his TikTok account (420doggface208), you’ll soon realise that the music he chooses for all of his videos are nothing short of impeccable. And there are already Spotify playlists which have been set up compiling all the songs he has used. You’re welcome.

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