These are officially the Netflix series which are most likely to make you cry

*sobs* The only ones I care about x

Let’s get one thing out the way – sometimes all you want is to watch a Netflix series and have a good cry. That’s totally fine, and completely normal, we all feel that. So if you’re wondering what Netflix series are around that are definitely going to make you weep and cry like never before, there are actually loads. has created an official ranking of the series which as most likely to make you shed some tears, and found out which shows are ultimately the saddest and made us all cry the most.

OnBuy surveyed 2,936 Netflix users worldwide and asked them what shows made them cry the most. Then, by adding together the amount of sad scenes per series, and pulling the data for the average crying time for both men and women and the standard tear volume – the site actually determined just how many were shed. The final figure was then multiplied by the show’s reported viewership.

Here is the official ranking for the Netflix series that are most likely to make you cry:

The official ranking worked out how many swimming pools could be filled with the amount of tears shed whilst watching each show (yes, really). The data found that on top was Orange Is The New Black, which could fill a huge 96 swimming pools with tears. In second was Unbelievable, based on the heartbreaking true story of Marie Adler, which filled 20 swimming pools. In third was Umbrella Academy.

The rest of the top ten ranking saw Sex Education in fourth with 11 swimming pools, Stranger Things just behind in fifth but also able to just about fill 11 pools, and Breaking Bad in sixth filling 10. When They See Us, based on the true story of the Central Park Five, is seventh (five pools worth of tears) and Dead To Me shortly follows with four pools of tears. 13 Reasons Why came in at ninth, also just about filling four pools with tears and in the 10th spot is Schitt’s Creek filling two.

The site also gave shows an overall sadness score

Looking at different variables, such as fan sadness scores, how many characters die and the number of sad scenes per series – OnBuy also created a chart for the saddest series.

Overall saddest was Breaking Bad, followed by Stranger Things and Orange Is The New Black. Then followed 13 Reasons Why, Dead To Me, Umbrella Academy, Unbelievable, Sex Education, Schitt’s Creek and When They See Us.

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