These 39 Bake Off memes are deliciously chaotic, just like last night’s episode

‘You won Sura, enjoy the pineapple upside down cake, I hope it makes you very happy.’

Last night’s episode of The Great British Bake Off was arguably the best episode ever. The drama of Boris’ announcement delaying the start time, Matt Lucas’ Boris impression, the pineapple upside down cake scandal and of course the many awful show stoppers who looked nothing like their celebrity counterparts.

Bake Off is what we all need right now, an hour and a half of wholesome escapism to get away from the shit year that is 2020. The show was hilarious and created some quality memes in the process. Last night Twitter was full of reactions and memes to the first episode of the eleventh series of the show.

From memes about Boris interrupting the start, to Sura the Saboteur, to Freddie Mercury resembling the Pringles man, these 39 Bake Off reactions need to be seen:

1. Who does he think he is?

2. Still doesn’t look good tho

3. What a woman Sura is

4. Enjoy the money Sura

5. It truly has been a terrible year

6. This was a far more dramatic moment

7. Expectation vs reality

8. I can just see her arm full on knocking them over

9. Collective gasp

10. My mission has been achieved

11. Here we go again

12. Never seen anything more accurate

13. First place? Is for me?

14. I defo screamed

15. He really tried to not react

16. This is defo Prue’s aesthetic

17. Ngl never needed anything more

18. Gonna have recurring nightmares

19. There is no difference

20. Give them all the money

21. Knew I recognised him from somewhere

22. Hahaha true

23. Wow.

24. Missed such a good pun opportunity here

25. Delicious x

26. Seriously? No Harry Styles? This year just worse

27. Seems legit

28. Heheheh

29. Karma is real

30. We all know he loved that moment

31. No one saw a thing

32. Off with her head

33. Kinda looks like if your dad and his mates formed a band

34. Horrifying and hilarious

35. It’s me

36. Savage but true

37. Ryan? What are you doing here?

38. Bold claim but I completely agree

39. It really warms your heart

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