Only a knitting nana could get full marks on this nostalgic British TV advert quiz

BANG and the dirt is gone

You can’t beat a good ol’ British TV advert. The sound of the Go Compare man as you ate your Hula Hoops after school, the anticipation for the new John Lewis Christmas advert every year, and the jealousy you still feel towards those Cadbury’s kids with their flexible eyebrows. British TV adverts from our childhood are good vibes only.

If you watched enough telly growing up, some adverts will have melted into your memory for all eternity. There’ll be certain jingles locked in your mind forever. Certain faces from adverts you’ll always remember. Weird af things that happened which still show up in your nightmares.

Maybe you think you’re an advert pro? Maybe you’re gonna unlock some memories you didn’t even know were there?

Either way, if you don’t get 9/10 on this quiz, Juan Sheet is gonna come and haunt you.

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