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Only a true 2000s girl can get full marks on this nostalgic trivia quiz

Grab me my Dream Matte Mousse, I’m shining

Being a true 2000s girl is an identity. You went through countless fashion and makeup disasters growing up, watched the trashiest rom-coms and read some seriously dodgy and tragic books which ended up shaping you into the woman you are today. But how well do you remember it all? This quiz is about to tell you.

Are your days of wearing Dream Matte Mousse and watching Mean Girls every weekend long behind you? Or do you still wish life was as simple as when a trip to Claire’s and a house party with a bottle of Lambrini or Caribbean Twist were all it took to make you happy?

If you really remember the heydays of growing up in the noughties, and you truly are a 2000s girl through and through you should ace this nostalgic quiz. I hope you’re ready for a serious trip down memory lane.

Take this quiz to find out if you truly remember your 2000s girl roots:

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