Ok, but why is everyone on Twitter making ‘meatier meteor’ jokes?

It turns out the girl behind the joke is an actual paleontologist

This weekend, my normal Twitter scrolling emotions (dread, apathy, all the boys) were interrupted by confusion. Something kept popping up on my timeline: people going on about “meatier meteor”

You know what, I honestly thought they were all talking about the meateor – aka the pizza which Domino’s somehow thinks is the perfect vehicle to combine BBQ sauce with about eight types of meat.

But no, it turns out it’s a joke all about the meteor which killed the dinosaurs (the first recorded instance of cancel culture).

Where did the “meteor meatier” joke come from?

As with anything nowadays, it came from TikTok. User Eliza Morey, aka @lizemopetey, played out a hilarious divine mixup – complete with excellent fake God beard.

God asks: “Hey Angel, did you give the dinosaur more muscles like I asked?”

When the bewildered angel replies with a simple “…what?”, God fires back saying: “I told you to make them meatier.”

Aiming to shift the blame, the angel tells god their understanding of the instruction: “Make them…a meteor”

Realising the error, God replies “MEATier”, to which the accidentally genocidal angel can only muster a “METEOR”.

It’s devastating. More plot than the last two seasons of The Fall. Very funny, to boot.

The ‘meatier meteor’ memes are excellent

They’re even better once you actually know what it’s all about, too.

Turns out the girl is actually a paleontologist, and loves dinosaurs

She probably knows what she’s talking about, then. In fact, given her credentials, there’s every chance her TikTok sketch is factually accurate.

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