These are officially the private schools who get the most students into Oxbridge

What would this country be if you couldn’t buy success?

It’s really rather simple: if you paid £30,000 for a car, you’d want it to do the job. And if you paid £30,000 for an education, you’d expect it to give your child an unfair advantage they wouldn’t have gotten if you didn’t have the money. So how better, truly, to judge Britain’s private (sorry, public) schools than by how many students they get into Oxbridge.

If that’s the metric you care about, your parents really should have sent you to Westminster or St Paul’s, according to Tatler’s 2021 schools guide.

They get the highest percentage of their students into the country’s top two unis – 42 and 33 per cent respectively.

Disgracefully, Eton’s not even top. Winchester College – where Rishi Sunak went – turns out to be exactly as good for getting into Oxbridge. Still, with both schools getting an Oxbridge offer for over a quarter of their pupils, the odds are still in your favour.

Which private schools get the most students into Oxbridge? Find out below:

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