If you’re the seventh friend, enjoy these memes while your six mates are at the pub

We are sorry for your loss

Today marks the start of the new rule of six, where you can be fined for meeting up with more than six mates indoors and outdoors. Since it was announced on Wednesday, people have had time to take a long, hard look at themselves and ask “Am I the seventh friend?”. If you can’t think of who the seventh friend is then, we’re sorry, but it’s probably you.

If you are in a group of seven, know a seventh friend or are one, let these 17 cracking memes be your light in this tough time.

1. It’s the way she disappears for me

2. Sad reacts only

3. Pls be careful hanging out with your pregnant friends

4. Take one last look at the pub and get an Uber

5. This is what heartbreak looks like

6. Hello from the otherside I’m table 14 in spoons pls send drinks xx

7. The outsider for the foreseeable future

8. You can only hope your mates come through for you like this

9. Rapscallion !!!!

10. The unsung hero

11. What a world we live in

12. Very realistic, could happen

13. Seventh who??

14. “Can’t come in here”

15. What is worse than a heartbreak?

16. Savage

17. No meme list is complete without this fella

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