KUWTK might be over but these 27 iconic memes will remain in my heart forever

I’m just waiting on the reboot fronted by Mason Disick

As if 2020 couldn’t be bad enough already, it was announced last night that Keeping Up With The Kardashians will be airing its final episodes in 2021. After a strong 14 year run and 20 iconic seasons, it’s time for the sisters to aesthetically stack up their cookie jars one last time.

It was announced on Twitter by Kim and then other sisters followed suit on their socials. This is devastating news for millions of people. But with every cloud there is a silver lining. It’s true that the Devil and Kris Jenner works hard –  but Twitter users posting reaction memes work harder. People have been reminiscing their favourite moments on the show with hilarious captions. These are the best Twitter reactions we found.

1. Kris wasn’t lying when she said ‘Give me that fucking bread’

2. Kourtney walked so the Kardashians could run

3. If the show taught us one thing, it’s that no one is a pretty crier

4. It shaped me as a person

5. Kris dragged everyone and got away with it

6. Skills – Momager

7. Now this is something I’d watch, granmomager?

8. The Kardashians normalised ugly crying and I am forever thankful

9. There isn’t anything more Kim Kardashian in the entire world

10. ‘Kim, there’s people that are dying’

11. The background music makes this so much better

12. ‘Don’t be fucking rude!!’

 13. As much as Kris dragged her daughters, she took so much of their shit

14. This scene looks a little different to how I remember

15. Kourtney is the living and breathing definition of a boss bitch

16. 2020 has broken all of us tbh

17. Let’s face it – without Scott Disick the show would have been awful

18. The Matriarch claps back harder

19. Seriously, what did we do to deserve Scott?

20. This is easily the best moment ever

21. Omg imagine if Kris Jenner made it onto Real Housewives

 22. The entire family is built on Kim’s leaked sex tape

23. This is so good

24. The Kris memes are the best ones

25. Me last night when I saw the announcement:

26. This is so real

27. I’m ngl, I forgot that Rob existed

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