Ranked: These are the unis with the most overcrowded lectures and seminars

And yet still I have no lecture mates

Even though you’re always doing your bit by staying in bed, you’ve probably heard the horror stories about overcrowded lectures: unis turning students away from overfilled lecture theatres, or forcing students to watch lectures for oversubscribed courses online.

And it makes you wonder: which unis really are cramming them in? As part of its 2021 university rankings, The Guardian has worked out which unis have the most students for every member of teaching staff.

Out of all the Russell Group unis, Exeter and Durham have the fewest teaching staff for every student, meaning students there can expect the least contact with an actual human teacher.

It’s hardly surprising that Oxford comes out as the best – what with all their one-to-one tutorials.

But how does your uni rank for overcrowded lectures? Find out below:

Note: Guardian figures taken from HESA data for previous years – not the upcoming academic year.

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